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Sign for the preservation of a tree

Plans from R$19,90

Copaiba Farm, Pouso Alegre

Como Funciona

How it works

With just one click and a little money per month, you become the keeper of a tree and contribute to the preservation of our Planet.

O que é a PAS (Healthy Tree Unit)?

PAS is a innovation.


The metric:

Objective. Effective. Immediate

The main benefits of preserving with PAS

Site PAS.png

Digital Certificate

Customized Tree

Real trees, real impact.


A certificate to share in yout social media

You can name your tree. It's your call.

Pé de Árvore Saudável (Healthy Tree Unit) has unquestionable benefits for the environment.

CO² Capture


Fresh Air



Instagram PAS.png

"PAS tem benefícios inquestionáveis para o meio ambiente"

Escolha sua PAS

Choose PAS


Do you already know what your Healthy Tree Foot is?

Click below to preserve and inform the number at the time of purchase.



Choose a tree species and the name of your brand new Healthy Unit Tree.

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Complete your subscription 

via PayPal

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Enjoy your benefits

Site PAS (1).png

Named tree, a picture, and geolocalisaion

Certificate of Preservation

Active, objective and immediate impact

It costs R$0.66 per day to have your PAS

What happens after signing?

We make it differently

When preserving PAS, two stories begin: yours as an active preserver and that of the small land producer, who will take care of your tree and earn money for it.

Study and PAS mapping

PAS makes it possible for Small Landowners to monetize sustainably, previously only possible for large producers.

Support for small landowners

Your tree will be taken care of and supervised by a local farmer who will be paid for it.

Using Google technology, partner biologists create an inventory with the characteristics and geolocation of individuals.

Within a few days, we'll send you a map so you know exactly where you are and a photo of your tree. In addition to your certificate.

Browse our current inventory. Click on each tree to see details.

Census forest inventory carried out by the biologist Farley Soares Braz

Who we are

A startup created by a group of young people who seek solutions to participate in the preservation of the planet in an objective, active, and immediate way.

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Thales Rodrigues

Partner, student.

Henrique Garcia

Partner, student.

Our goal is to overcome the abyss that exists between the corporate world and the day-to-day reality of Small Landowner. 

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